TOPP Webinar Series

Ready to take your farming to the next level? Discover the world of organic agriculture through the Transition to Organic Partnership Program (TOPP) – a USDA initiative! The mission is to empower producers with the education, technical assistance, and support needed to switch to organic farming. These webinars are also beneficial to producers interested in learning about organic practices, whether or not the producer would like to proceed with certification. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

2023 Webinar Series

Presented by Issac and Holly Wiegmann of Next 7 Organic Farm | Tuesdays at 7pm

  • Nov. 14 – Reasons for Transitioning to Organic
  • Nov. 21 – Organic Soil Management
  • Nov. 28 – Integrated Pest Management
  • Dec. 5 – Organic Certification Processes
  • Dec. 12 – Marketing Strategies for Organic Operations
  • Dec. 19 – Farm Planning for Successful Organic Operations
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