What is FARMacy?

The FARMacy program addresses the state’s ongoing battle with chronic illness thanks to a grant awarded to the West Virginia Farmers Market Association from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. This program begins with healthcare providers identifying patients with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and/or hypertension who may benefit from the program. After an initial health screening, patients are provided fresh fruits and vegetables from a local farm for 15 weeks. In addition to the produce, the program also provides cooking instructions, nutrition education, coaching, mentorship, and other activities to help patients continue their progress afterwards.

Access: Providing “Prescriptions” for healthy produce to West Virginians with Chronic Disease, linking health care providers and patients to WV farmers and growers.

Affordability: Providing healthy produce to West Virginians with Chronic Disease at reduced cost.

Education: Providing basic cooking skills and nutritional information to West Virginians with Chronic Disease using the WVU Extension educators, DPP program, and available community educational resources.