This equipment may be rented for on-farm use only by producers in compliance with state and federal laws. Consult your state regulatory office overseeing poultry before contacting us about dates for rental equipment availability. Learn more about renting the poultry processing unit.

rules and regulations

The WVFMA is not a regulatory entity. We are a membership-based organization that was created by WV farmers markets and exists to assist and strengthen farmers markets. In this capacity, we seek to work with regulatory entities, such as DHHR and the WVDA, to clarify the information that farmers markets and their vendors need in order to be in compliance with existing rules and regulations. Our Policy Committee also advocates for policy change when necessary.

The information on this page represents the most up-to-date information we have identified to help markets and their vendors understand rules and regulations. When in doubt, always contact the agency responsible for regulating the topic of interest, as they have the authority and last say regarding compliance.

The Farmers Market Vendor Guide is the most comprehensive document available regarding rules and regulations affecting farmers markets. The West Virginia Department of Agriculture has developed this guide. The West Virginia Department of Agriculture has also developed several materials including a PowerPoint presentation to help farmers and farmers markets navigate the legislation.

If you have questions about produce inspections, please contact Jeremy Grant with the WVDA at jgrant@wvda.us.


In collaboration with the Blue Ridge Risk Partners, farmers market vendors can obtain insurance for protection against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal and advertising injury liability and the litigation costs to defend against such claims. Blue Ridge Risk Partners is offering a number of policies ranging in price from $50 to $350 dollars to cater to the individual need of each vendor. They also offer general liability policies that would cover entire farmers markets. If you have questions, please contact Blue Ridge Risk Partners on the web at https://www.blueridgeriskpartners.com.

finding funding

Funding Calendars and Listings


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  • WV-USDA “Publications, Tool, Learning and Funding” newsletter. Contact Lisa.Sharp@wv.usda.gov and ask her to add you to the list. Lisa Sharp works with USDA Rural Development in Morgantown, and this is an incredibly useful newsletter to subscribe to.
  • The Farmers Market Coalition e-newsletter shares, and sometimes directly offers farmers market funding opportunities.