Double-Up SNAP Application: RFPs

Application open: October 2, 2017- October 23, 2017

The West Virginia Farmers Market Association (WVFMA), West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition, and West Virginia University Extension Service are seeking qualified farmers markets, farm stands, community supported agriculture (CSA) farms, and retail farm markets to be part of a Double-Up Bucks Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Project, via the USDA Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) Grant Program. The purpose of this application is to gauge interest and identify markets that would like to be part of a Double-Up Snap Benefits Project if funding is granted. This program would begin during the 2018 market season and continue through 2021.

More about Double-Up Bucks:

Individuals using SNAP at a farmers market will be able to gain incentives to double their SNAP dollars to redeem for SNAP supported foods (more specific guidelines to be provided) and vendors at the farmers market will be reimbursed for redeemed benefits from the FINI grant funds. All traditional farmers markets, on-farm markets, farm stands, and CSA farms are eligible to apply that meet the requirements below.

Qualified markets requirements:

  • Consistently accept SNAP Benefits at your market
  • Member of the West Virginia Farmers Market Association- Join here
  • Appoint a SNAP Coordinator (may be the market manager or volunteer)
  • Must be open at least one day a week during peak market season
  • Must meet the definition of a traditional farmers market, consignment market, on-farm market, online farmers market or farm stand as defined by West Virginia State Code:
  1. “A traditional farmers market in which two or more vendors gather to sell farm and food products directly to consumers at a fixed location.”
  2. “An on-farm market or farm stand run by an individual producer that sells farm and food products.”
  3. “Consignment farmers market means a farmers market in which two or more vendors deliver their own farm and food products to a common location maintained by a third party that markets the vendors’ products and receives a percentage share of the profits from sales, with the individual vendor retaining ownership of the farm and food product until it is sold.”
  4. “An online farmers market in which two or more vendors collectively market farm and food products and retain ownership of those productions until sold.”

If the entity does not meet the definition of a farmers market, the entity must be a:

  • Community supported agriculture model
  • Brick and mortar farm market retail space


“Traditional farmers markets” must average six vendors during core market production season

The USDA FINI Grant requires a 1:1 match from the community level. It is our intent to apply for $500,000 of funding, which requires $500,000 in community match. Entities selected must provide matching funds from community sponsors. Due to great need in all communities, arrangements may be made for qualified markets that are unable to meet the recommended match amount.

Community match can be attained through multiple sources: banks, hospitals, community foundations, private foundations, state, county, and local governments, in-kind contributions, etc. Please contact Parween Mascari at the WVFMA if you need any assistance in acquiring matching funds. or 304-282-9583.

Participants enrolled in the program must submit total sales data and SNAP redemption data throughout the course of the project in order to remain eligible for grant funds.

Note: Please do not send the WVFMA/WV Food & Farm Coalition matching funds. Matching funds are to be managed by each market’s staff and/or board.

Link to apply here:

Prospective markets must also submit a letter of support for the program along with their application. Sample is provided below:





October 15, 2017


Re: Support for USDA/NIFA FINI Application


Dear Ms. Moss,


The [market/farm/farm stand/ CSA] wishes to express our strong support for the West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition’s application for the USDA NIFA Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) grant application for a statewide Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Double Up Bucks program that will be implemented at West Virginia farmer markets and other local produce retail spaces. This program will provide much needed support for families that receive SNAP to help purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, this program will directly support local farmers who grow and sell fresh produce. Because of its cross-sector collaboration and deep partnerships with the West Virginia Farmers Market Association and West Virginia University Extension SNAP Education program, there is no better collaboration to implement such as program.


The Coalition, West Virginia Farmers Market Association, and West Virginia University Extension SNAP Education program are also collaborators on a USDA Farmers Market Promotional Program that will provide marketing continuity across the state and between markets. The visual marketing aspects of the program will be launched during the 2018 market season. As members of the WV Farmers Market Association, we are also participating in that program and see an amazing opportunity to leverage both programs to engage consumers and SNAP recipients in purchasing locally grown produce.


[Market/farm/farm stand/ CSA] is committed to being a participating farmers market/CSA/Farm Stand  in the FINI program [starting or continuing] a Double Up Bucks program. We have the capacity to execute this program on the local level with support from the aforementioned partners and are excited to bring this to our community.




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