Join WVFMA’s  WV AgriMeats Excellence Program for Aspiring Meat Sellers!  


Are you considering selling meat at farmers markets or on-farm stands? WVFMA AgriMeats Excellence Program offers a unique opportunity to enhance your financial record-keeping skills and set your meat agribusiness on the path to long-term success.

Why Join?

– Practical Record-Keeping: Implement a record-keeping program tailored for meat sales, ensuring you track sales and inventory effectively.

Monthly Reporting: By committing to monthly reporting of sales and inventory, you are transforming theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

– Webinars: Attend five comprehensive webinars in October 2024, focusing on meat product pricing and regulations.

– Participant Marketing Support: Complete the program requirements, and you’ll receive a display top freezer to help market your meat business.

Program Details:

– Start Date: June 30, 2024

– End Date: August 30, 2025

– Commitment: Monthly record-keeping and attendance at five webinars scheduled in the fall.


– Skill Development: Hone your financial record-keeping skills essential for the success of your meat agribusiness.

– Track Improvement: Monitor your progress and see the tangible improvement in your sales through effective record-keeping.

– Marketing Support: Receive a display top freezer in April 2025, just in time for the 2025 farmers market season, giving your business a professional edge. Then keep tracking sales for the 2025 season to capture your sales growth.

How to Join:

– Sign Up: Register now to secure your spot in this transformative program.

– Commit: Be ready to commit to monthly record-keeping and webinar attendance.

– Grow: Watch your agribusiness flourish with the skills and support provided through our program.

Don’t miss this chance to boost your business with essential skills and marketing tools. Join us today and take the first step towards a successful meat agribusiness!

Register below for this limited opportunity, available to only 15 participants who will receive a display top freezer upon completing the program. By registering, you commit to fulfilling the program requirements. The webinar series will be open to the public.

What To Expect as a Participant

By mid July we will provide you with a data tracking link to complete your monthly tracking. Additionally, a spreadsheet will be given to you for capturing your sales daily.

Once you receive the data tracking tools, you will need to track your sales daily using either the spreadsheet or print out the spreadsheet and use a paper tracker, based on your preference. At the end of each month, you will report your data online.

Throughout 2024, you will regularly track your meat sales to gather baseline data. Then, in 2025, you will track your sales again to measure improvements and analyze growth.

If you are not currently selling meats, this program is still for you! You will follow the same process, attending webinars and submitting monthly reports. You will gain valuable knowledge and skills to prepare for future meat sales. Even if you aren’t selling meats yet, you will still need to complete the monthly reporting requirements, though your reporting will be different.

If you currently sell other items at a farmers market or on-farm stand, you will complete the sales and inventory report with your produce, egg, or baked good sales. If you do not currently sell items, instead of submitting a monthly sales report, you will attend the poultry processing demo and report on the preparatory steps you have taken toward starting meat sales, such as creating inventory listings and planning future pricing for meat products. By completing these steps, participants who are not yet selling meats can still qualify to receive their display top freezer as a marketing supply.

Program Commitment and Monthly Reporting Details

Participation in this program involves a commitment to complete monthly reporting. Here’s what we’ll ask you to provide each month:

  1. Date of Sale: The specific date when the sale occurred.
  2. Product Name: The name or description of the product sold.
  3. Quantity Sold: The number of units sold for each product.
  4. Unit Price: The price per unit of the product sold.
  5. Total Sales Amount: The total revenue generated from the sale (this will be automatically calculated by the sheet).
  6. Unique Products Sold: The number of different products sold during the reporting period.

How Much Time Will It Take?

The monthly reporting process is designed to be straightforward and should take you about 15-30 minutes each month.  If you are tracking your sales on the Google Spreadsheet, you will not have to enter anything at month end because the reporting will be complete.   If you are using paper sales tracking, then you’ll need to:

  1. Collect Your Sales Data: Gather your sales information for the month.
  2. Enter the Data: Input the information into the provided Google Form or spreadsheet.
  3. Submit Online: Complete the form and submit it online.

Reporting is due within five days of the month’s end.

For more information contact us directly at or  304.398.5214

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